1. Each subscriber of $20 (pensioners $10) annually, to be a member of the Society with a voice and vote in its proceedings.A subscriber of $20 shall have 2 (two) adult tickets, & 3 (three) student tickets. A subscriber of $10 (pensioners) shall have 2 (two) tickets.
    A single person membership of $10 is available on application.
    Membership for school aged children U16 is $2.
    Your membership of the Society is an investment in your district's progress, as well as a privilege and benefit to you.
  2. The Show Grounds will be open from  8 a.m. for exhibitors and 11 a.m for the general public.  Members admitted on production of ticket; non-members $10, pensioners $5, children 7-15 yrs $2, under 7 years free.
    Car parking space for invalids and semi-invalids can be reserved. Applications to be made to the Secretary not later than the day before the Show.
    admission refund will be given to any firm, life or ordinary member or any person whatsoever, because of loss of any ticket or pass.
  3. Entries in all cases should be made on the form provided by the Society, and addressed to the Secretary, PO Box 244, MANNUM SA 5238 or emailed to [email protected]   Exhibitors are kindly requested to lodge entries early.  All exhibitors of pavillion entries and livestock now must become members of the Mannum Agricultural Society with contact details including email included on the form.
  4. Entries will close as per the heading in each section. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the convenor.
  5. Livestock exhibits will be received at the Show yards up to 10 a.m. on the morning of the Show and must not be removed before 4 p.m.  Horses-In-Action events will commence at 8 a.m. All exhibitors in this section must be members of the Mannum Agricultural Society. Exhibitors 16 years and under are exempt from this clause except in the Horses-In-Action.
  6. Horse stock to be led around as the Judges may direct.
  7. All animal entries/exhibits from Branched Broomrape containment/protected quarantine area must submit appropriate certificate with entry form. Certificate hotline:1800 245 704
  8. Produce and other “inside” exhibits received up to 9:30 a.m.They must be placed in the space allotted by the committee, or whom they may appoint, and must not be removed before 6 p.m.
  9. Any exhibitor removing his or her property before the above stated times, will forfeit his/her prize, if entitled to any, and if not, may be barred from exhibiting again at any of the Society’s Shows.
  10. All produce entered for competition must be the production of the present season and must have been grown, produced or manufactured by the exhibitor.
  11. Livestock except Fat Sheep and horses, must be the bonafide property of the exhibitor.
  12. All exhibitors and the public must leave the buildings, cattle yards and show ring while the judges are giving their decisions.
  13. No-one but the committee members and the persons in charge are allowed in the ring at the time of judging, except those invited by the President.
  14. The judges are empowered to withhold prizes where exhibits are considered unworthy, or they may award second or third prizes in lieu of first and second.
  15. The judges are empowered to reject any entry in the Sheep Section which, in their opinion, has not complied with the Society’s shearing regulations.
  16. Competitors may affix their name and selling price on their exhibits after the judges have made their awards, but in no circumstances before then.
  17. Interference with or alteration to tickets either by competitors or the public is strictly prohibited; all exhibits of any competitor so interfering will be liable to disqualification. The attention of the Secretary or Stewards should be called to any supposed error.
  18. Any exhibitor giving the wrong description of his or her exhibits with the intention of deceiving or defrauding the Society shall forfeit the prize to which he or she may be entitled, and be debarred from exhibiting at any future show, and the particulars of the case shall be published in the Society’s proceedings.
  19. Protests must be lodged in writing with the Secretary on the day of the Show, accompanied by $20 to be forfeited if the protest be deemed frivolous.
  20. The committee will endeavour to protect exhibits from damage or loss but will not be in any way responsible for them.
  21. Exhibitors are requested to note the time for taking entries and receiving exhibits.
  22. All vehicles entering the grounds must park where directed by the Stewards.
  23. Trade passes will be issued by the Secretary or Tradesite convenor only and NO REFUNDS shall be given to any person or firm paying admission fees because of the loss of such Trade Passes. All Trade passes shall be handed to the gate attendants.