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Through the eyes of a trader (thanks Michelle Berkin)


WOW!! That was really cool! I dropped in yesterday.

I took four of my grandkids and they had a ball until they ran out of money, or should I say until I ran out of money? Between the sideshows, blow up slippery slide, hot dogs for lunch etc. it didn't take long to do. (we start saving for next years now lol!!)

I went expecting to be too old for it all but I had a ball. The model ships were great, the model railway stuff in the back shed was fantastic and the band was good as well.

I spent a heap of time talking to the guy from Clare that had a display of spices there and we will be using some of his stuff with our pizzas.

All up I thought it was pretty damn good!


G.S. Kapunda SA (by email)

Thankyou so much to the organisers of this event, as a band we had a great time rocking out on the awesome stage on the back of a semi trailer, the people we met were amazing and friendly, , great stalls, lots of things to do, great food available , everything reasonably priced, including entry prices, very thoughtful for those families and individuals who may struggle to have enough money to to go out and enjoy events like this.. ibelieve it was a success for its first year, and it can only get better each year.

Jojo Newman (Mon Cheri) 5* ( facebook)

Extremely well organised, quality stalls with a good mix of products! Enough free entertainment for children & adults, so that it wasn't an expensive day out. Very well signposted & plenty of parking! A great day out for all ages! Hope it happens regularly!

Michelle Berkin 5* (Facebook)

Plenty to see and do, great displays and entertainment, can't wait for next years!

Jenna Russell-Arnot 5* (Facebook)